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Support for Lori Jo and Brain Cancer Research
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Support for Lori Jo and Brain Cancer Research
Support for Lori Jo and Brain Cancer Research

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In 2008 Sam Mierzejewksi was diagnosed with brain cancer. Sam was treated at The James Hospital and has beat the horrible disease. In 2018 we hosted the first annual Sam’s Grey Matters Golf Classic to raise money in honor of Sam Mierzejewski for brain cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC - James).

For the 2nd annual Sam’s Grey Matters Golf Classic we are honoring Lori Jo Mines. Lori Jo began her battle against brain cancer in 2016 and is courageously fighting this horrible disease.

Please consider joining the effort and email us at Samsgolfclassic@gmail.com.

Please read Lori Jo’s story as told by her sister below of her experience.

“In April 2018, Lori Jo suffered a stroke at the age of 38 years old after having several severe migraine headaches. During the trip to the OSU Emergency Room, the on-call doctor told us she had 2 large bleeding tumors on both sides of her brain and would need brain surgery as soon as possible. A few days later, Dr. James Elder, the Lead Brain Surgeon at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital prepared Lori Jo for a double craniotomy that took 5 hours to complete leaving Lori in intensive care for 10 days. Unfortunately, Dr. Elder was not able to remove all of the tumors because one tumor was attached to Lori Jo’s spinal column leaving it inoperable.

Later in April 2016, Lori Jo was given the devasting news by Dr. Pierre Giglio, her Neuro-Oncologist, that she had Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive deadly form of Brain Cancer. Lori Jo and her family shed many a tear, but decided to fight like hell through this terrible disease! During the Summer of 2016, she went on to have 30 rounds of radiation in 6 weeks as well as 9 months of chemotherapy. Lori Jo had to relearn many basic skills such as talking, walking, reading and writing. To help with this process, she attended rehabilitation sessions such as occupational therapy and speech therapy to regain those lost skills.

Lori Jo was stable with no new growths for a glorious 20 months! During that time, she was able to drive, read, spend time with her daughter, family and friends, go to concerts and generally enjoy life!

In December 2017, Lori Jo began to have challenges again with severe headaches, dizziness and being unbalanced in her walking. That January, when she went in for a routine MRI, Dr. Gilgio, discovered a small tumor on the right side of her brain. In February 2018, she had a 3-hour brain surgery to remove the tumor. This time, Lori Jo’s peripheral vision was completely eradicated leaving her only with her central vision and unable to ever drive again.

In March 2018, she had another surgery. This time on a benign tumor on her cervix. Thank God this area was not cancerous!

In the Spring of 2018, she began intravenous chemotherapy as well as 10 more rounds of radiation. On June 14, 2018, Lori Jo hit another milestone, her 40th birthday. This was a day, we were not sure she would make based on her aggressive type of cancer. We were thrilled to celebrate with her at a party of 50 people!

To date, January 2019, Lori Jo has 3 surgeries, (2 brain surgeries and a cervix surgery), 40 rounds of radiation, 9 months of oral chemotherapy, 11 months of intravenous chemotherapy, 2 months of immunotherapy and now another month of oral chemotherapy.

Lori Jo Mines’ continues to kick Brain Cancer’s ass! In April 2019, she will be a 3-year survivor of this awful disease and is considered a medical anomaly due to the fact the survival rate beyond 2 years for Glioblastoma is 5-10%. She is forging a path for other long-term survivors!

Lori Jo Mines knows her fight with Brain Cancer will not be in vain! We hope by sharing her story of survival and struggle that anyone touched by cancer will find peace and purpose within the chaos of this disease. God Bless!!”

By making a donation, you can join Sam and Lori Jo and support The OUSCCC-James in creating a cancer-free world. One person. One discovery at a time.

Please join us to support this worthy cause and make a tax-deductible donation today!

Thank You

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